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GroW the way nature intended

Make your earth BETTER.

Why us?

helping you grow Naturally

We want to spread the joy, satisfaction and safety of growing plants naturally. Whether award winning floral gardens, or luscious fruits and vegetables, we want you to grow more, naturally.  

Garden Soil
Growing Plants
agriculture plant seeding growing step c

Why EARTH worm castings?

Worm castings provide a perfect mix of nutrients that are immediately available to plants and provide for long term nutritional needs as well. This allows plants to feed as needed for weeks and months at a time. 

Natural and Simple

No more worrying about the harmful side effects of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Eden's Best allows you to grow healthy, beautiful plants naturally, and earthworm castings do not have strong odors like other natural fertilizers.


“I read about the value of adding worm castings to minimize damage from pests. I'm amazed! Not one of my roses had aphids on it this year. I mixed it in with the soil I use for my lettuces, and then did a small lettuce container without it. The small lettuce container was filled to the brim with whitefly, but the crop with this product was virtually pest-free.”

Nancy n.


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