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A story of family

Meet the adels

Our company is based and run out of Edmond, Oklahoma by the hardworking Adel family that want to bring you the best! Eden's Best, in fact! We might be city folk, but don't let that fool you! We are passionate about organic and effective gardening and want to bring that joy from our family to yours.

As if feeding, growing, and harvesting the castings of hundreds of thousands of worms wasn't crazy enough, we actually STARTED our company during the major COVID shutdown in March of 2020.   We masked up, got our hands dirty, and the rest is history! Our goal is to bring this business from our family to yours for years to come. Our family members range from beginner gardeners, (kids too!) to experienced gardeners, but one thing is for sure- we ALL love using Eden's Best Organic Earthworm Castings for our plants!

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