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  • What are worm castings?
    In the most straightforward sense, worm castings are simply worm poop. Unlike the castings of other animals, worm casting do not have a strong unbearable scent, the are not dangerous to ingest, and they are packed full of awesome stuff for plants. For more information about the science behind worm castings, go here. Sometimes the term worm castings is understandably – but kind of incorrectly – used interchangeably with the term vermicompost. Vermicompost is compost that is aided in decomposition by worms. Most of vermicompost is actually compost, not worm poop.
  • How are worm castings produced?
    Very similar to other farming processes, we feed the worms, and give them a great place to hang out, while they provide us with their black gold (worm castings). Once they have finished the meals that we provide them, in about 7 days, we empty our the bucket into a harvester - a device that separates the worms, dirt and castings. For a visual of the process, check out our homepage.
  • What Are the Benefits of Worm Castings?
    Worm castings have seemingly magical benefits to both plants and soil, that are totally backed by science and academic literature. But not all worm castings are created equal. Differences in feedstock, maintenance of proper climactic conditions, and proper storage and handling practices can all greatly affect the benefits – or lack thereof – that worm castings can provide. Eden's Best strives to provide you top quality worm castings that will allow your plants to flourish. Check out this link to find more about the science of worm castings.
  • How Do I Apply Worm Castings to my Garden?
    Feel free to hop on over to our How To page to find out more on how to apply worm castings.
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